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How to prepare fortified eye drops

Fortified Amphotericin-B
To prescribe Fortified eye drops means to increase the effectiveness of eye drops by additional ingredients. Fortified ophthalmic solutions are commonly used in severe keratitis for better corneal penetrations.

Commonly used fortified eye preparation and their preparation instruction are as follows:

  • Fortified Gentamicin (14mg/ml) 

fortified gentamycin eyedrop preparation

                    To prepare fortified Gentamicin we need, Gentamicin eye drops gentamycin IV injection and sterile syringe. With a syringe, inject 2 ml of gentamicin 40 mg/ml, directly into a 5 ml gentamicin eye drop 0.3%. After mixing it total 7ml preparation will be formed about the concentration of 13.6mg/ml. If Refrigerate it will expire after 14 days.

  • Fortified Vancomycin (50 mg/ml)
Fortified Vancomycin (50 mg/ml)
Mix 500mg Vancomycin powder with 10 ml sterile water for injection. Its concentration will be 50 mg/ml, Expires in days if refrigerated.

Fortified Cefazolin (50 mg/ml) :    
ortified Cefazolin (50 mg/ml)
First of all, take 250mg dry cefazolin for injection and mix it with 5 ml sterile distilled water for injection. If you have 500mg Cefazolin, add 10 ml sterile distilled water for injection to make 50mg/ml concentrations.
Shelf life7  days If refrigerated at +4 degree C.

  • Fortified Amphotericin-B (15mg/ml) Fortified Amphotericin-B

Mix 10 ml of sterile water in 50 mg of Amphotericin-B powder. This will give 5mg/ml solution. After that on second steps take 3 ml (15mg) from the above solution and mix 7 ml of sterile water. This will give you 15mg/10ml i.e. 1.5mg/ml i.e. 0.15% Keep this solution on a refrigerator. Drops are clear yellow in colour if they turn milky then discard them. Shelf life: 7 days in a refrigerator at 4 Degree Celsius and 4 days at room temperature.

  • Voriconazole Eye Drop 1%

Voriconazole Eye Drops

  Mix 20 ml ringer lactate to 200 mg voriconazole lyophilized powder. Which become a concentration of Voriconazole eye drops 1%

Disclaimer: The above picture of medicine is for educational purpose only, we do not promote any brands. The shelf life of drugs may vary with practitioners view. Consult with Ophthalmologist for preparation and shelf life advice.

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