Ptosis: Clinical stepwise approach for examining the lids

Hints for Your clinical step wise approach for examining the lids(with particular regard to Ptosis): 1. Shake hands to exclude myotonia (Note slow release of grip)2. Observe:3. Face for asymmetry 4. Brow for overactive forntalis Globes for position and asymmetry Lids for position, asymmetry or scars  Pupils anisocoria or heterochromia 5. Measure palpebral aperture6. Measure […]


Optometrist and Ophthalmic Assistant Job at Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology

Nepal Eye Program, Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology (TIO) a centre of excellence in comprehensive eye care service delivery including training; research; intraocular lens manufacturing facility: eye bank and community program is currently looking for qualified Nepali candidates to apply for the following positions on the contract basis which is renewable thereafter subject to satisfactory performance. […]

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Facts about Phacoemulsification on Uveitic patients

Phacoemulsification: It is a modern cataract surgical technique, which is sutureless and most popular method of extracapsular cataract extraction. It need very small (about 3 mm) corneoscleral incision. In this technique Nucleus of human crystalline lens will emulsified and aspirated by phacoemulsifier (machine that sends ultrasonic vibrations to a tiny probe), after aspirated of cloudy […]


Ophthalmic Assistant Vacancy at KIST medical College

Kist Medical college and teaching hospital announced vacancy for open competition to the following post Vacancy (First date of vacancy published: 12 Mansir, 2074) 1. Post: Bio-Medical Engineer Required number: OneQualification required: Passed in Bachelor level of Bio-Medical subject 2. Post: Bio-Medical Technician Required number: OneQualification required: Passed in Certificate level of Bio-Medical subject 3. […]

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Foreign Body Removal from Eye

Foreign body removal To understand the technique of foreign body removal, first of all we should know what foreign body is? What types of the foreign body usually enter in the eye? So, let discuss it. What is a foreign body in the eye? Foreign Body in the eye means any types of foreign things, […]


Can Spectacle be the reason for headache?

The complaint of a headache after the final prescription of glasses are not heard that much but it exists. A patient is prescribed glasses and he/she is sent home satisfactorily, but after some days that patient comes with a complaint of a headache. In such case, how can you pinpoint the diagnosis? What can be […]

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Congenital Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction

Lacrimal Apparatus comprises of main Lacrimal gland, Accessory Lacrimal gland, and  Lacrimal passages which include puncta, canaliculi, lacrimal sac and Nasolacrimal duct. Congenital  NLDO: Congenital Nasolacrimal duct obstruction occurs in approximately 30% of normal newborn infants. The blockage occurs most commonly at the valve of Hasner, at the distal end of the Naso lacrimal duct. […]

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Contact Lens Basics, Instruction, Oxygen permeability

What is Contact Lens? A contact lens is a small plastic wafer typically designed to rest on anterior surface of cornea or sclera (basically corneoscleral part) with the purpose to correct refractive errors and also used for cosmetic purpose to artificially change the color. Types of Contact Lens fitting 1. Alignment Fit (Ideal): Ideal fitting […]

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Career opportunity for Optometrists

Geta Eye Hospital, Tertiary hospital of Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh is a leading eye hospital of far western region of Nepal. It is seeking for one Optometrist and six field workers. This hospital has various Primary Eye Care Centres(PECC) in different districts of Far Western Development Region such as Mahendranagar, Darchula, Bajhang, Bajura, Accham(Sanfebagar), and […]