What are Polarized Sunglasses?

Polarized lens
Sunlight can be absorbed or reflected in several different directions. There are two meridians: horizontal and vertical.
Commonly, light coming from all direction (horizontal and vertical) create a problem (glare) for viewing due to multidimensional light. Due to more light entering into our eyes, we may have a blurred image. Polaroid cuts one dimensional or meridian light to enter in our eyes and we see the sharp or clear image.


  • Driving (to decrease driving fatigue and increase driving safety)
  • For fishing and boating
  • For more visual comfort at beach
  • To block UV radiation
  • In snowy days
  • More useful in bright light.

polarized vs non polarized

Facts about Polaroid glass

  • Polaroid is not 3D glass.
  • It can be made in prescription glass.
  • Glare-cutting.
  • Should not use for computer or electronics devices.
  • Should not use by pilots.
Polarized lenses are available in different colors in the market, depending upon the material from which the lenses are made.
Darker colors of polarized sunglasses provide higher levels of polarization.

About the author: Dipsikha Aryal, Patan Academy of Health Science