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Intra Ocular Lens (IOL) Design ,Material and Types

IOL An Intra-ocular lens (IOL) is an artificial aid surgically implanted in the living eye to restore sharpness of vision, frequently after removal of a cataract. History of IOL   Casaamata – (1795)- attempted Intraocular implant  Harold Ridley (1949) — first successful human intraocular lens implant During World War II, noticed intraocular foreign bodies of acrylic […]


Hyphema, Sign, Symptoms and it’s management

The blood in the front of the anterior chamber of the eye is known as hyphema. Causes: Blunt trauma Intraocular surgery Lacerating trauma, Penetrating & perforating injury It also occurs spontaneously without any trauma, usually neovascularization, a tumor of the eye (Retinoblastoma), uveitis or vascular anomalies. Using of medicine that causes thinning of blood such as […]

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2 Most important eye nutrients

Lutin and Zeaxanthin Best sources of lutin and Zeaxanthin. Nutrition is the best way to prevent or delay the progression of any disease. Carotenoids i.e. lutein (pronounced loo-teen) and zeaxanthin (pronounced zee-uh-zan-thin), are antioxidants that are located in the Lens and macula of the both eyes. Macular Degeneration Many studies has shown that these two […]

Eye Health Nepal ophthalmic assistant Vacancy


Fateh-Bal Eye Hospital wants  “3 Ophthalmic Assistants” in bardia district. The hospital running under Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh wants Ophthalmic Assistants for its Eye Care Centres in Bardia District. Requirements for the applicants: Minimum Qualification – Nepalese citizen with S.L.C from S.L.C board & 3 years Ophthalmic Assistant Course completed from C.T.E.V.T board. Age limit- 18 […]

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NAMS set to start Bachelor in Optometry and Vision Science

National Academy of Medical Sciences is set to start a four-year Bachelor’s degree programme on Optometry and Vision Science. The programme aims to produce skilled manpower in the field and incorporates intensive medical training to diagnose and treat ocular diseases. “We have decided to start the course to facilitate our eye hospitals with skilled technical […]