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how to keep strong eye sight

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Tips to keep healthy eyes

Human eye is one of the most important and sensitive organ of our body. Eyes being open all the time has to deal with varies factors that leads to problems on daily basis. Your Eyes are prone to dust and light that are harmful. Inactive lifestyle has become the leading cause of visual deprivation and visual impairment among the people living in 21st century. We have listed some of the basic do's and don'ts that every human being need to practice in behaviour for eyes to keep working forever.


  • Eat plenty of Green vegetables and yellow fruits. Anti-Oxidants, apart from keeping our body healthy, they help to wash out unhealthy cells and neutralize free radical. They protect our eye sight and vision. Vitamins and nutrients helps to keep clear Cornea, Lens and Retina functioning in a systemic manner. It also prevents diseases by maintaining collagen fibres.
  • Wash your eyes in a regular interval of time. Water is the best solvent to keep your eyes clean. Eyes being open all the time, it catches dust and dirt of the surrounding environment in which you live in.
  • Wear your prescription glasses if you have headache or eyeache. The glass can also prevent eyes from Trauma / Injury. Glasses could be the best correction you could have if you don't see far and near objects or people clearly.
  • Use anti U.V protection glasses while working/Traveling on snow, desert or when working with Welding lights.
  • Visit an ophthalmologist if your child has watering problems since the birth. The blockage of nasolacrimal system could be the major cause.
  • Do not try to remove any foreign body on your own. A small touch to cornea may lead to ulcer or tear.
  • If you are diabetic or hypertensive, have your retina checked every 6 months.
  • If your child tells he/she has problem seeing white boards at school, If they rub eyes constantly, sits near to television, leans forward while doing homework or half shut the eyes while looking at something, he probably need glasses. He/she must have vision correction with appropriate minus or plus power lens for myopia or hypermetropia respectively.
  • Contact lens can be a great alternative to your glasses but they require regular attention and care.
  • If your child complain of seeing lesser at night, he is suffering from night blindness most probably due to vitamin A deficiency. He/she needs vitamin A supplements to restore refunction of Rod cells in the retina.
  • Corneal transplant is successfully done in the 21st century to the patient with white opacified cornea. You cannot transplant your whole eyeball.
  • If your elderly people complains of blurred vision, they have whitish pupil, the vision diminision is gradual, probability is cataract. They need surgery, medication doesn't cure cataract till 2018.
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  • Don't squeeze or rub your eyeballs. Many people seem to rub eyes when they itch. The best solution is to wash eyes with clean water. The dust in your eyes could cause corneal abrasions or lacerations when you rub eyes with hand.
  • Don't sit too near to television, desktop or Laptop.The light could affect your retina.
  • Do not look at welding lights, Snow or sand in desert for long directly. The welding light is the source of U.V rays while snow and desert reflect the sunlight. That leads to inflammation of cornea and conjunctiva termed as "Photopthalmia". 
  • Do not sit on the computer for long time. Don't use mobile phone for longer periods of time. The computer vision syndrome is a serious problem. It causes dry eyes, eye ache, headache, nausea and vertigo.
  • Don't look into bright source of light like flash light, vehicle light, spot light, Household bulbs, Sun, or Solar eclipse. It cause irreversible retinal burn. Solar retinopathy is unknowingly dangerous as people look into the direct solar eclipse and go blind.
  • Smoking cause cells in our body to mutate.The inhaled smoke cause toxification of the blood in the body. Cells die, or they cause strong chemical reaction and cells turn into free radical. The free radical cause oxidation of other healthy cellular molecule. This cause disease like cataract and AMD to speed up. 
  • Alcohol, Diabetic, and Hypertensive patient is a great combo for somebody to get blind. Alcohol is a slow killer of life as well as vision. Hypertensive and diabetic retinopathy are the two major eye diseases and a leading cause of blindness in 21st century.
  • Do not practice self medication. Some eye drops can be life threatning. You could get blind in the blink of an eye. In developing nations, where pharmacy practice is open to all, people with little or no knowledge about eye, practice eye medication dispensing. A study found, Some easily available steroid eye drops that's handy and cheap are recorded to induce cataract and glaucoma.
  • Do not put mothers milk, Mustard oli in to eyes of your children. They cause cause the tear drainage system to get blocked.
  • Remove Eyeliners, Maskara, kajal before you go to bed.
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  • Do not sleep wearing contact lenses on. Not all contact lenses are sleep wear. Only some contact lenses are to correct your vision while you sleep. Consult your Optometrist to know more.
  • Unnecessary hot compression or cold compression on the eye ball is never needed unless your eye doctor tells you to do so.
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  • Do not visit traditional healers who claim to treat you with wizard powers.

Internet news on eye :

eye tatooing that went horribly wrong
Canadian model whose tatooting went horribly wrong.
  • Recent tatooing of the conjunctiva of eyeball is being practised. We personally would suggest you to stay away from eye tatooing. You don't need to modify your natural status of the eye unless you are prescribed by your ophthalmologists. Recently a canadian model tried it and it went horribly wrong.
  • Some pages on internet claim them as sarcasm site made for laughter. These pages in the name of meme share stupid facts like Pouring fresh lime (lemon juice) in the eye to make it go green, pouring salt to make it whiter. We strongly ask you to stop trying such foolish stuffs.
  • Avoid following youtube channels who claim to treat your cataracts without surgery.
  • Do not pratice what stupid websites on internet claim to cure any ocular problem with weird household made medications. Eye is a sensitive organ. You cant get another if you damage yours. It is best to consult Ophthalmologists for any queries you have or mail us direclty as [email protected], we here to guide you.

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