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What is Eyebrow Tattooing? Advantages and Disadvantages

What is eyebrow tattooing or Micro-Blading?

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It is cosmetic tattooing of the eyebrows. It is different from body tattooing. A trained artist, with the help of handhold tool consisting of attached needles in a curvilinear shape, then insert the pigments in the dermis of the eyebrow skin. The pigment is of the same colour as the eyebrows are. Many websites claim the pigment is penetrated to the epidermis but if it were epidermis, it would fade in 90 days. Similar hair strokes are made on the skin of the eyebrows which cannot be differentiated. 

How long does eyebrow tattoo last?

Eyebrow tattooing is not permanent. The pigment fades with time as the body absorbs it. Different skin has different lasting time. Aftercare also takes time for maintaining it.

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How much time does eyebrow tattooing take?

It takes around 1hour as told by tattoo artist "Kira Tai" to huffing post. In the early days, the eyebrows look darker than normal. The colours fade after a few days giving it a natural look. So, There is no need to worry if your eyebrows look dark in the initial days of microblading. Some people require 2 sessions as the first one is not totally complete where the second session gives final touch up.

Does eyebrow tattooing hurt?

Yes, It does hurt. Some anaesthetic gels are applied as a numbing agent. The needle has to penetrate through the dermis. So, it is irritating and slightly painful as told by those who have tried tattooing already.

How much does it cost to have eyebrows tattooed?

Micro-blading takes around 1-2 hours in normal with a precise trained hand of an artist. It is an expensive procedure. Cost of micro-blading ranges from 100$ to 700$ as told by Kira to huffing post.

what are the advantages and disadvantages?

If you have very less number of eyebrows, micro-blading help you fake the eyebrow quantity. The process is mostly enjoyed by ladies. An eyebrow tattoo is considered a final touch up to the ladies who do make up. Eyebrow tattoo adds up glam to your face. Once micro-blading is done, you do not need any makeup for eyebrow separately. It lasts for a longer time. You can remove it whenever you want. 
The process is costly and it is a nightmare to people with oily faces. Permanent scarring and skin, removing the pigment to the surface are the common failures seen in people. It is the slightly irritating procedure. Proper research needs to be done before trying this procedure. No eye doctors are involved in the process so if anything goes wrong, you probably need to consult an ophthalmologist. The artists have very less knowledge about the eye. So it can be a risky process with a blade applied to the eyebrows.

Can you have a tattoo on your eye too?

Yes, Tattooing on the eye is possible. It has been practised since ancient times.

kat von d eyebrow tattoo is an innovative liquid brow liner with a precision brush tip so you can build natural to bold brows. Nowadays there are some artist can perform permanent tattoo for eyebrows