OMG! This man says he put salt in his eyes .

I put salt in my eyes !!!!!

Redness in his eyes with salt traces

A patient from remote district of Nepal came to the eye centre of that place with a complain of burning sensation in his right eye. The patient claimed to have a metal foreign body in his eye. Patient told that he is a Mason and builds houses. As per patient, he felt like something gone in the eyes, as he was working with the hammer and metal frame. He was holding the metal rod while his friend was hitting it with a hammer. The patient said he treated in the local medical centre for 5days. The health person in the medical centre assured him  to treat his red eyes being unknown about the metal foreign body in the eye. The patient also told us he put salt in the eye as a cure. He did hot compressions with heated salt for the redness he had.

Treatment and Counselling to the patient was done about not practising such stupid ideas.
Here are the do's and don'ts you need to do for your precious eyes. If you have foreign body, your eye doctor will remove it with a procedure that takes less than 5 minutes. Check the video below where the patient speaks himself.
Source - Niranjan Gaire

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