Caruncle Cyst Surgery

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A patient came with the complain of mass in his Right eye.  He was an Indian patient who came for check up in Nepal.The patient was diagnosed with Caruncle cyst in his Right Eye. He was told that the problem could only be solved after surgical removal of the mass from his eye. He was thinking to put some eye drops in his eye for treatment of the mass. He said he had problem opening and closing his eye. His mass was excised from his eye in one of the eye hospital of Nepal. 
eye cyst
He told to an Ophthalmic Assistant of the eye hospital that he was very thankful for that. He always thought something got stucked in his eyes. He was poor so could not visit for check up. Moreover, He had no time to see an eye doctor

eye surgery

As Ophthalmic Assitant told us, he likes to hear positive response from patients after the effort they do to make patient comfortable and satisfactory of the services they provide to poor and needy patients. The services are cost effective in Nepal. Patient was happy afterwards. He added he would tell everyone in his village about the best eye services that are provided in Nepal at low costs.The Surgery was done by Dr. Sanjeev Yadav, Oculoplasty Ophthalmologist, Nepal.
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