Story of an Ethiopian blind girl.

blind girl worknesh cheru of ethiopia
A 11 years old Ethiopian girl living with his uncle who earns lesser than 1$ a day in a city, 150 miles southern to the capital city, was blind due to dense cataracts in both of her eyes. Workenesh Cheru is her name and she had to leave the school since her eyes stopped working. Symptoms began to appear 3 years back while it became worse only an year back. Worknesh was shy and didn't talk much to the strangers.

worknesh cheru
She went to an eye clinic in the capital city where her Visual acuity was measured and she was diagnosed with cataract in both of her eyes. She hardly had light perception. Ophthalmologist Dr. Sadik Teju removed her cataract in the operating room replacing with an artificial lens. On the discharge day from the eye clinic she was happy being able to see again with the return of visual acuity to 6/9 and 6/18. Worknesh told she was happy to see the world again. She told she is excited to start the school again and be like her friends. She also told she wants to become an Ophthalmologist and help poor and needy people.

The story is brought to you by Himalayan cataract project.