What is Phacoemulsification surgery? The benefits of Phaco surgery for Cataract?

A cataract is an opacity/clouding of the human crystalline lens inside the eye.

In the cataract surgery, the cloudy cataractous lens is removed and replaced with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL) to restore clear vision. The cataract surgery usually does not require an overnight stay in Hospital.


Phacoemulsification is the type of extracapsular cataract extraction surgery. It is the modern cataract surgical technique by which cataract is broken into small pieces and removed from the eye using ultrasound with the help of a  phaco machine. After removing the cataract, The Intraocular lens will be implanted inside the eye to see clearly.

Photo: Geoff Oliver Bugbee, Source IAPB

Benefits of Phaco Surgery: 

  • No hospitalization needed 
  • Smaller incision, Less Incision related complication 
  • Lesser induced astigmatism because of a small incision.
  • No suture required, no irritation, no watering and no need for suture removal 
  • Faster healing 
  • No bandages minimal precautions.
  • No restriction on normal activities. Can join work from the next morning.
  • Fast recovery of good vision in a matter of days.
  • Quick visual rehabilitation.