Nepal ophthalmic society: New Committee is formed

Established in 1985, the Nepal Ophthalmic Society has been one of the leading professional organizations of the country. It has contributed towards the development of human resources for eye care, advancement of ophthalmic services in the country and of ophthalmology as a science. It has experienced a growth of members from the minority in the beginning to many new members every year.
The Nepal Ophthalmic Society's election held on 25th August 2018 had the following results:
New elected executive committee of  Nepal Ophthalmic Society 2018-2020 :
  • President: Prof. Dr. Badri Prasad Badhu
  • Vice-president: Prof. Dr. Sabina Shrestha 
  • General Secretary: Dr. Kishore Pradhan
  • Joint Secretary: Dr. Jyoti Baba Shrestha
  • Treasurer: Dr. Purrsottam Shrestha
  • Joint Treasure: Dr. Eliya Shrestha
  • Members :
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Srijana Adhikari
  • Assoc Prof Dr. Kabindra Bajracharya 
  • Dr. Poojashree Karki
  • Dr. Bhairaja Shrestha
  • Dr. Neyaz Kausar Micrani
Here are some photos:

Photo Credit: Dr. Kabindra Bajracharya, Associate Professor, Lumbini Eye Institute