Optel Slit Lamp in Nepal


PSL 300 Portable Hand Held Slit Lamp now available in Nepal

This slit lamp weights only 900gms with its battery and fits easily and comfortably in your hand. Its ergonomic design and convenient carrying case make it an ideal instrument for non-ambulatory patients, nursing home visits and veterinary work. The high luminance light source provided about 30,000 lux of:. white light and has a lifespan of 50,000 hours; providing light as well as the convenience of not having to replace bulbs. 

Optel MM 50 Slit Lamp 

The Optel MM-50 delivers ultimate value with a well designed 5-step/3-step optical system and an efficient 20 Watt tower style illumination system providing a tilting, rotating slit important for good posterior segment observation, ensuring best details in diagnosis from the cornea to the retina. 

Optel MM 40 Slit Lamp 

The Optel MM-40 is an agile system that puts diagnostic essentials at the fingertips of eye care professionals. This slit lamp provides a more compact illumination system. This ensures that Optel MM-40 provides doctors with greater space efficiency and affordable slit lamp. 

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