Online Self-Directed Diabetic Retinopathy
Grading Course

  • Blindness from diabetic retinopathy is almost entirely preventable with regular eye examinations and timely laser surgery.
  • They develop an online self-directed diabetic retinopathy grading course, for use by general practitioners and other health professionals, using retinal photography.

The course covers:

  1. Epidemiology of diabetic retinopathy
  2. Pathology that makes up diabetic retinopathy
  3. Stages of diabetic retinopathy
  4. Referrals

How to screening for diabetic retinopathy
The section on how to screen for diabetic retinopathy is divided into two parts:

Distant visual acuity
  • Equipment
  • How to record visual acuity
  • Visual acuity test
Grading diabetic retinopathy, macular oedema and referral plans
  • Review of the pathology that makes up retinopathy
  • Review of the stages of retinopathy
  • Review macular oedema
  • Referral plans
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DR Information 
Indigenous Eye Health 
Melbourne School of Population & Global Health

The University of Melbourne 
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