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ATROP - PD Eye Drop

Atropine 0.01% Atrop-Pd eye drop


Atropine sulfate Ophthalmic solution USP 0.01% w/v
5 ml volume

Atrop-PD (Atropine sulfate Ophthalmic solution USP 0.01% w/v) is a sterile, clear, and colourless solution. Each ml contains 0.1mg of Atropine sulfate and stabilized oxychlorocomplex 0.05 mg as a preservative.

Clinical Pharmacology:

Atrop-PD in treatment cause less photophobia and systemic side effects in patients and has excellence compliance to reduce damage from ultraviolet and hazard blue light and to avoid visual morbidities such as cataract and retinal macula lutea deterioration. As 0.01 Atropine showed the lowest rebound effect, it was the most effective concentration to reduce the progression of myopia, It is aimed at slowing down the pace at which myopia is increasing but does not reverse existing myopia. 

Low dose Atropine 0.01% has emerged as an effective approach, as highlighted by the Atropine in the treatment of Myopia studies.


  • Prevention of myopia in children. It is a modality for rating myopia.


  • Contraindicated in children who have previously had a severe systemic reaction to Atropine.
  • Known history of hypersensitivity to its ingredients. 


  • Not for injection
  • Only for pediatric topical ophthalmic use only
  • Do not touch at nozzle tip to any surface
  • Use this product with caution in the children where increased IOP may be encountered. 

  • Vision may be temporarily blurred or unstable after applying eye drops
  • Do not perform any activity/tasks that require clear vision, alertness, coordination or physical dexterity until you are not sure you can perform such activities safely. 
  • It may cause mild burning.
  • Allergic reactions were observed only in rare case. 

Interaction with other medications:
  • None known

Adverse reaction

Atrop-PD dose appears to offer an appropriate risk-benefit ratio, with no clinically significant visual side effects balanced against a reasonable and clinically significant 50% reduction in myopia progression. Orthokeratology contact lenses also appear to slow axial length elongation but infective Keratitis is a risk. Peripheral defocusing lenses in the form of spectacles or contact lenses may both have a role in slowing the rate of myopic progression in a subset of children and further help our understanding of the physiologic control of ocular growth

Dosage and administration:

  • As directed by eye health professionals.
Store below 30 degrees C

Price of ATROP - PD Eye Drop in Nepal: Rs 253.00

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Manufacture By
Aurolab, India
Madurai India

Authorized importer for Nepal
Sweekriti Medisales
Kathmandu, Nepal

Distributors for Aurolab eye drops in Nepal
Niyog Drug House
Chabahil, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone:  01-4821828

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