First Volume of Envision Newsletter Published by TIO - Eye Health Nepal

First Volume of Envision Newsletter Published by TIO

envision newsletter of Tilganga institute of ophthalmology

‘Envision’ is a quarterly newsletter of the Academic and Training Department of Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology. 

TIO has published Envision newsletter Volume: 0, Issue: May-Aug 2020, Year: 2020. The first edition of this newsletter consists of 16 pages. 

Contents of Envision :

  • Myopia control: Where we stand? (Dr Srijana Adhikari)
  • NEW ERA OF CATARACT SURGERY AT TIO  (Dr Sanduk Ruit, MD, FRACO,/Dr Shyam Vyas, MD)
  • FAQs on Refractive Surgery Services
  • Academic & Training Department Academic & Training Activities
  • Research Activities
  • PHAKIC IOL (Dr. Yogita Rajbhandari, MD)
  • ‘‘Fogged Lens?’’ Life Hacks!’’ (Purushottam Dhungana M.Optom, O.D.)
  • Demystifying Journal Misconceptions and Publications (Raja Ram Gurung, M.Sc (Microbiology)
  • Prescribing and Dispensing glasses: Is it just the prescription that all matters? (Rupesh Poudel M.Optom)
  • EYE CARE IN THE AFTERMATH OF COVID-19 (Rabindra Adhikary M.Optom-First Batch Student)
  • Digital Devices: A Pain in the Neck!  (Birendra Mahat, Sandeep Kandel M.Optom-First Batch Students)
  • COVID-19 Era And Dry Eye (Asmita Bhusal, M.Optom-First Batch Student)
  • Yesterday’s and Today’s Eye Banking in Nepal (Shankha N. Twyana, MEd, MPH.)
  • The Unsung Story 
  • Photo-Gallery

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