Blurry Vision in the Morning : Reasons and How to Get Rid of Blurred Vision

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Have you ever wake up with blurry vision? And Wonder why you have blurred vision?

Waking up with a sudden blurry vision in the morning is a commonly occurred problems, some people may experience blurry vision in one eyes only and some feel in both eyes. Usually, in many cases it is temporary conditions, your vision will be clear after few times if you do blinking frequent times and these are usually harmless, while in rare condition there may be some serious issues so that you have blurred vision. Let’s talk in details here.

Common Reasons

1. Dry Eye

The tear film protects our cornea from being dry when you’re sleeping eye is continuously producing tear to protect the cornea from dryness, Tear also provide nutrient to the cornea and also help it to make clean and clear, sometimes due to heat, not properly closed eye during sleep and many other reasons our tear may evaporate at night time, so the cornea became dry and you fell blurry vision at the morning. Certain medicine like antihypertensive, anti-allergic, sleeping aid also reduces the team production level so it may also cause dry eye in the morning.

Sometimes if you turn on the ceiling fan during the night, the air from the fans can make our skin, eyes dry, irritated and itchy this may also cause blurred vision in the morning.

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To get rid of this you can blink your eyes frequently in the morning after wake up and you can also use Artificial tears which helps to protect your cornea from became dryness.

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2. Allergies in Eye

Another common cause of this problem is due to ocular allergies, or allergic conjunctivitis. In this eye condition, you experience itching, burning sensation, watering, and a mild redness of the eyes and these symptoms are often worse when getting up in the morning from bed, especially when there are dust, mould, or mites in the blanket, mattress or in the pillows you may experience allergic symptoms in the morning after wake up.

If you experience these symptoms you have to visit the nearest eye care centres for getting treatment of Allergic conditions.

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3. Sleeping in a Contact lens

Wearing contact lenses overnight raises the risk of various eye infections and reduces the level of oxygen supply to your eyes. The lack of oxygen dries out the cornea which results in blurry vision when you wake.

Don’t wear contact lenses at night if your doctors haven’t advice you to wear it. Sleeping in your contact lenses is not recommended.

4. Drinking alcohol before bedtime

Alcohol causes dehydration, which can also make dry eyes and blurriness in the morning.

5. Diabetes / Blood sugar problems

Blood sugar that’s too high or too low can also be the underlying cause of morning blurriness. In this case, however, you’ll have other symptoms such as dizziness and weakness. If you have diabetes don’t forget to get a comprehensive dilated eye examination twice a year.

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6. Corneal Infections and Diseases

In the majority of corneal infections and disease, it causes cornea swelling while asleep, resulting in cloudy vision in the mornings. Your cornea needs to be transparent, if you noticed any opacity or patches in the cornea you have to visit eye doctors as soon as possible.

When do you need to see your doctor?

Usually, in many cases, it is temporary problems, You can blink your eyes frequently or use artificial tear eye drops. If the vision did not become clear and still you feel blurring in the vision then you have to consult with your eye doctors to find out the reason for the blurred vision. Waking up with blurred vision can also be a sign of stroke, a life-threatening event involving a blood clot in the brain. If any of the following symptoms are detected, it’s critical that you seek medical attention immediately.- Numbness or tingling, especially on one side of your body- Difficulty speaking- Headache or Dizziness. Sudden Blurred Vision In One Eye sometimes needs immediate consultation with eye doctors.

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How to get rid of blurry eyes in the morning? What to do when you wake up with blurry vision?

First of all, blink your eyes frequently and use Artificial eye drops to get immediate relief from the blurry vision in the morning, and here are some tips which help you to prevent the blurry vision in the morning from occurring  again

  • Keep hydrated, drink plenty of water.
  • Don’t drink alcohol before bed.
  • Make your bedroom neat and clean to avoid allergens.
  • Don’t wear contact lenses while sleeping.
  • Don’t sleep with a fan on, or pointed directly at your face.
  • Sleep at least 7-8 hours a night. Poor sleep quality may also cause blurry vision.
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