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Pollution: It’s adverse effects on eyes, and Preventive measures.

Recently, People of Kathmandu are getting diseased due to the increasing pollution which is not only affecting the lungs and respiratory system but in the eyes of people living in the Capital city of Nepal. Due to the carelessness of people, they are getting conjunctivitis and vision-threatening problems. Increase in the number of patients visiting the […]

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How to understand glass prescription?

Prescription of the eye glasses you wear as prescribed by optometrists or any other eye care professionals such as ophthalmologist and ophthalmic assistant contains all the necessary parameters required for fitting and dispensing a glass by an optician or Optical dispenser. The parameters are understandable to any eye care professionals and meet the requirements of […]

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Fateh-Bal Eye Hospital wants  “3 Ophthalmic Assistants” in bardia district. The hospital running under Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh wants Ophthalmic Assistants for its Eye Care Centres in Bardia District. Requirements for the applicants: Minimum Qualification – Nepalese citizen with S.L.C from S.L.C board & 3 years Ophthalmic Assistant Course completed from C.T.E.V.T board. Age limit- 18 […]

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Congenital Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction

Lacrimal Apparatus comprises of main Lacrimal gland, Accessory Lacrimal gland, and  Lacrimal passages which include puncta, canaliculi, lacrimal sac and Nasolacrimal duct. Congenital  NLDO: Congenital Nasolacrimal duct obstruction occurs in approximately 30% of normal newborn infants. The blockage occurs most commonly at the valve of Hasner, at the distal end of the Naso lacrimal duct. […]

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How to prepare fortified eye drops

To prescribe Fortified eye drops means to increase the effectiveness of eye drops by additional ingredients. Fortified ophthalmic solutions are commonly used in severe keratitis for better corneal penetrations. Commonly used fortified eye preparation and their preparation instruction are as follows: Fortified Gentamicin (14mg/ml)                      To […]