Matrika Eye Center : Dr Kishore Raj Pradhan

Matrika Eye Center is an private out-patient-oriented surgical eye center located at Dhunge Dhara Marg, Ward no.9, Old Baneswor Kathmandu, Nepal. This eye center have qualified ophthalmologist, ultra- modern equipment for Diagnostic, Preventive and Treatment purpose. This is the first private eye care center in Kathamndu which is providing LASER Eye Surgeries

Matrika Eye Center building
Building of Matrika Eye Center

Services Available at Matrika Eye Center


Available Doctors

1. Dr Kishore Raj Pradhan, Refractive Surgeon

2. Dr Kiran Shakya, Senior Retina Specialist 

3. Dr Rabindra Shah, Cataract and Glaucoma Specialist

4. Dr Namrata Gupta, Pediatric/ Strabismus Specialist 


Dr Kishore Raj Pradhan, MD

Dr Pradhan did his under graduate study at Shyam Shah Medical College in Rewa, Central India and received his post-graduate Diploma from Kasturba Medical College, South India. He worked for the Lions Eye Care Center in Eastern Rural Nepal and went on to complete his Master’s Degree at the National Institute of Medical Science in Kathmandu. Dr Pradhan next trained at the London Vision Clinic in London with prof Dan Reinstein where he completed a Fellowship in 2010. He is the first refractive surgeon of Nepal. 
Dr Kishore Raj pradhan
Dr Kishore Raj Pradhan at Matrika Eye Center

Contact Details of Matrika Eye Center: 


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  1. Himmat khadka says

    Is ICL eye surgery available in matrika eye center? Please reply

  2. Kalyan says

    Can u please tell me the price of lser surgery?

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