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About us

Eyehealthnepal.com is Nepal's first complete eye health blog. This blog is an Educational platform designed to Educate, Promote Eye health, Bring awareness to the common people living in Remote areas of Nepal. We provide an inside look into the lifestyles and diseases related to the people of different places around the country. We aim at connecting people and aware people to have Promotive health and preventive health concern from their own society, regarding the increasing  “Contemporary Eye Health Problems” and "Growing global blindness".We Promote Eye health content all over the internet in various topics. We also provide promotional services for creative people, Organizations, and companies and provide a platform for people to promote their teachings towards the better sight. Visitors are asked to contact us directly for any specific content request of our site. As we all know the statement "Prevention is better than cure", just providing the useful information,  can directly benefit patient and population under risk & it can save time, money, as well as improve the Ocular Health issues of the people living in different communities.


Our main aim is to provide useful information about eye health to all health professionals working in eye care industries and other healthcare service providers.


Promote job opportunities and disseminate requests through the Eye Health Nepal online notice board.

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