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The Retinoscopy Simulator and Tutorial is perfect for ophthalmic science students, optometry student & ophthalmology residents and clinic technicians. It is great for training and practice retinoscopy at home or office. 

How to Use the Retinoscopy Simulator

The interactive Retinoscopy Simulator is designed for students to learn and practice the principles of retinoscopy. It Visualizes how light reflexes in an eye with various refractive errors and amounts of astigmatism, and from various working distances. The retinoscopy simulator allows adjustment of spherical power, cylinder power, and cylinder axis. The angle of the light streak can also be adjusted.
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Retinoscopy Simulator Video

These retinoscopy tutorial videos demonstrate how to use and practice it on your computer. This interactive Retinoscopy Simulator is designed for students to learn and practice the principles of retinoscopy. This is made by the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

In the above video, we are discussing the simulator how can we increase retinoscope skills through online simulator practice. From Retinoscope you can instantly identify the refractive errors such as Myopia, Hyperopia and Astigmatism.

Always observe the retinal reflexes width, brightness and moving speed.  For neutralizing the movement if there is

  1. With Movement – Need More Plus
  2. Against Movement – Need More Minus To neutralize.

For astigmatism recognition, you have to focus firstly on theoretical knowledge of thickness phenomenon, Intensity Phenomenon, Skew  Phenomenon.



Step 1: First go to the simulator website. Under the patient section, enter the patient’s refractive error

step first of retinoscopy simulator

Step 2: Set your working distance. The working distance term used during the retinoscopy procedure denotes your arm length that is the distance between your patients and the retinoscope.  Usually, the working distance is taken as arm length i.e 67cm which correlated to +1.50 D.


Step 3: After setting a working distance now streak the beam of light across the eye and check the movement that is with, against or neutral movement.


Step 4: Try to neutralize the movement by evaluating the movement if there is a with movement you need more Plus lenses to neutralize and if against the movement you have to use a minus power lens to neutralize. You can try neutralizing by both plus and minus cylinder in this simulator.

Step 5: From the lenses option, you can choose spherical, cylindrical lenses and axis cylindrical lenses available axis interval is 5 degree.

Step 6: Use streak angle to change the rotation of the retinoscopy beam.

You can watch our videos and try practising the simulator if you have any queries please comment below.

practice retinoscopy online

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