Things that Don’t do During Holi To Protect Your Eyes | Holi Festival Eye Health Tips

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While Celebrating Holi Festival, Follow these Eye Health tips

  1. Protect your eyes with sunglass
  2. Tie your hair or use a cap to prevent colour dripping in the eyes
  3. Never rub your eyes if colour gets into them as it may cause irritation or vision loss
  4. While playing request the person not to smear the colours near the eyes.


Things that Don’t do During Holi To Protect Your Eyes

  • Don’t use toxic chemical color (such chemicals as mercury, asbestos, silica, mica, and lead). It causes irritation, allergic reaction, redness and chemical injury to the eyes and skin.
  • Do not rub your eyes if color goes into the eye, use tap water to clean it and visit a nearby eye care centre if irritation, watering or other symptoms occurs.
  • Don’t wear contact lenses because some of the hard colors can stain contact lenses and it will damage the lenses. During holi it will be better to use eyeglasses because it can work as a mechanical barrier protecting your eyes from both the powder colors and the liquid ones.
  • Don’t use any eye drops without consulting with eye care professionals.

What should you have to do in case Holi Colors go into the Eye?

  • If you are contact lenses user first wash your hands and remove contact lenses gently and follow these steps, If you are not contact lens user you have to start from here.
  • Sit properly and avoid the crowd.
  • Rinse eyes with clean water, try to remove all colors with the clean water. You can also use tap water.
  • If there is any injury visible or foreign body seen, do not try to remove it at home, immediately visit the nearest eye care centre.
  • You can use Artificial tear / Lubricating eye drops to get rid of mild irritation and foreign body sensation.
  • In case of persistent redness, watering, discharge, itching or discomfort, please seek the opinion of an eye care professional. In case of any blurriness of vision, foreign body in the eye, laceration of the eye, or bleeding from the eye or surrounding areas, you must try to reach the eye hospital as soon as possible.
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