Top 10 Eye hospitals of Nepal

Eye care facility is one of the important part of health. Health without healthy eyes is merely impossible. World Health Organization(WHO) has been working actively since 1999 A.D to cure as well as eliminate blindness from the whole world. The aim of VISION 2020 has become a great target to achieve, to all the eye care service providers around the globe. The goal to meet Vision 2020 is the main concept of IAPB(International Agency for the prevention of blindness).

Nepal is also fighting blindness since 1973 A.D since the start of "Nepal Eye Hospital" in the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu. After the first Blindness survey in 1981 A.D, it was easier for Nepalese eye doctors to estimate and set the target for the cure of the blindness prevalent in Nepal. Total of 116 villages containing 40,000 people was examined. Cataract (84%) and Trachoma(3%) remained the leading cause of blindness.The first established eye hospital was a government-owned eye hospital running at "Bir hospital" which was later set to run with a different name at a different place. Different Non-Government Organizations were later established to help eye sector reach remote parts of Nepal. Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh(Eye Care Monitoring Body in Nepal) established in 1978 which later was strengthen in 1980. Nepal Eye Program is another body launched on 1992 A.D to support prevention of blindness in Nepal. Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology(TIO) is the implementing body of the Nepal Eye Program. Apart from them, other private Organizations like Dristi eye Care System has been providing services in Nepal to cure and prevent blindness.

Here are the top 10 eye hospitals on the basis of patient outflow, extra Ordinary services, Excellent services, Outreach, Surgeries are done, Visual impairment and blindness cured and prevented so far. The lists is made being based on dohs annual report combined with other activities of the eye hospitals.

10.  Drishti Eye Care System:

Drishti eye care system is the largest private eye care network in Nepal. First eye hospital opened in Nepal was in the year 2013 in Birtamode, Jhapa. There are many eye hospitals and centres run by Dristi in the country. The aim of Drishti  is to meet the goal set as Vision 2020 i.e to reduce the burden of blindness by the year 2020.
Dristi eye care

 9.  Rapti Eye Hospital (REH): 

The project that opened the geta eye hospital was later extended to the Rapti eye hospital. The hospital was inaugurated in 1986 by the then king of Nepal, Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev. Helping organization of REH i.e Norwegian church aid(NCB) later gave its responsibility to NABP(Norwegian association for blind and partially sighted). Rapti eye hospital does many free surgical eye camps in remote parts of midwestern development region and provides basic eye facilities to the patient
Rapti Eye hospital 

8.  Bharatpur Eye Hospital(BEH):

Bharatpur eye hospital lies in Chitwan Bharatpur of Nepal. With support from BCCI foundation Pakistan and SEVA Foundation, USA and SEVA Canada Society, Canada, Bharatpur eye hospital has been providing services to the people of various districts. Bharatpur Eye hospital was established in 1987. Bharatpur eye hospital provides various services including wonderful Vitero-Retina surgery. Dr. Raghunandan Byanju is one of the popular figure of BEH.
Bharatpur Eye Hospital 

7.  Mechi Eye Hospital (MEH):

The eye care foundation has helped Mechi eye care system since 1996. Mechi Eye Care Centre was later Opened as Mechi Eye Hospital in the year 2009 with well-equipped facilities with the help of Dutch donors. Mechi Eye Hospital provides service to the people of Mechi as well as people from Sikkim, West Bengal, Assam, and Bihar where 201 million people live.    
Mechi Eye Hospital  

 6. Lumbini Eye Institute (LEI):

Situated in the city of Bhairahawa, Rupandehi near to the Nepal-India border, Lumbini eye institute is a huge relief to the people of Nepal as well as people of India. Lumbini eye institute was supported by Sewa foundation Canada in the early years. Lumbini eye institute has the huge number of Eye Care Centres and hospitals running under it. Lumbini Eye Institute was established in 1983 A.D inside of a small government hospital with 2 rooms and 4 staffs i.e bhim hospital. The first Ophthalmologist who devoted his soul to the development of eye care facility in lumbini Zone was Dr. Sudarsan Dhital. Later the eye hospital was shifted to its own building in the city of bhairahawa. The land donor couple Rana Bahadur shah and Ambika Devi shah helped in the establishment of the eye hospital which was later known as Shree Rana Ambika Shah eye hospital. Present director of the hospital in 2018 is Dr. Salma K.C Rai. Lumbini eye institute has been combating avoidable blindness since the establishment. Lumbini eye is consists of wonderful eye surgeons and Optometrists. Cataract surgery, Strabismus Surgery, Glaucoma surgery, etc. are available in LEI. Lumbini Eye Hospital 

5.  Himalaya Eye Hospital (HEH):

Himalaya eye hospital was established in 1993. It is running under the financial aid that it receives from eye care foundation, Netherlands. Himalaya eye hospital is running under Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh. Himalaya Eye Hospital is a training centre for Ophthalmologists since very long time. Himalaya Eye Hospital does many Eye Camps in the remote parts of Western Development Region. Himalaya Eye Hospital has also conducted many surgical camps out of the country in the countries like Africa. 
Himalayan Eye Hospital, Pokhara 

4.  Geta Eye Hospital (GEH):

After the first country wise blindness survey conducted by Nepal Government and World Health Organization in the year 1981, the prevalence of blindness was found the maximum in the Seti and Mahakali region of Nepal. To cure the avoidable causes of blindness like Cataract and Trachoma in the region, they established an Eye Hospital in the Geta village of Kailali(Nepal) in 1981. The hospital became fully functional in the year 1982. Norwegian Agency for Development Co-operation(NORAD), Norway did the financial support to Geta Eye hospital in the early phase. Geta eye hospital runs many eye centres in the remote places of Far-western development region of Nepal. Geta eye hospital also provides services to the people of India who come from Bihar and Uttaranchal Pradesh. Many other Norwegian Organizations has been helping Geta Eye hospital since the establishment. Dr. Bidya Pant is one of the popular figure of Geta Eye Hospital(Past).
Geta Eye Hospital

3. Sagarmatha Choudhary Eye Hospital(SCEH):

Established in 1983 in eastern Nepal in the city of Lahan SCEH is the founder of Biratnagar Eye Hospital. Being under Netra Jyoti Eye Sangh / EREC-P, SCEH is providing services like general Opd, Sub speciality, and surgeries like Cataract, Retinal surgery,  Lacrimal surgery. SCEH has the extreme flow of Indian citizens who visit Nepal for the excellence in visual improvement as seen after Cataract surgery.lahan eye hospital 

2.  Biratnagar Eye Hospital(BEH):

Biratnagar eye hospital(BEH) is situated in eastern Nepal in the city of Biratnagar. Biratnagar eye hospital was established in the year 2006 A.D. Eastern Regional eye care programme(EREC-P) is a further development of Sagarmatha Choudhary Eye Hospital(SCEH) in Lahan. In order to diversify the workload and to maintain quality service,  SCEH started Biratnagar Eye hospital(BEH). BEH started affordable high-quality services to economically poor and underprivileged people. BEH has become another master piece eye hospital in Nepal who provides excellent service to its patients. unlike TIO, BEH is run by Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh's EREC-P. Like TIO, BEH provides services like general O.P.D, sub specialty clinics for Retina, Glaucoma, Cornea, etc with excellent Ophthalmologists providing services round the year.Cataract surgery, Glaucoma Surgery, Retinal surgery, oculoplastic surgery, Lacrimal Surgery, Corneal Transplantation etc. are done in BEH. Only surgery that is not done is LASIK surgery to correct Refractive error. Dr. Sanjay Singh is one of the popular Figure at BEH.
Biratnagar eye hospital

1.  Tilganga Institute Of Ophthalmology(TIO):
TIO facility was opened in Kathmandu. TIO runs as an implementing body for Nepal Eye Program which was launched in 1992. This Non-profit organization at its early phase worked with Fred Hollows Foundation(FHF), Australia. TIO refined safe and affordable method of intra-ocular lens implantation for cataract surgery for developing nations. Nepal's first eye bank was established with the help of Tissue bank international and Lions International. With Himalayan cataract project, TIO has helped to relieve the suffering of blindness by empowering the local physicians and skill transfer education with cost recovery conclusions. TIO manufactures Intraocular lenses with the help of "FHF". This is the only one institution in Nepal for intraocular lens manufacturing.

With the help of "FHF" and "HCP", TIO conducts remote cataract surgery camp at the larger scale. Tilganga has become a centre of excellence for providing quality eye services, cost-effective Product manufacturing, Skilled Ophthalmic Manpower manufacturing, Best outreach for blindness cure and prevention etc. TIO provides services like General O.P.D which is extended to meet the need of patient who can't visit hospital due to work purposes.
other facilities like modern Cataract surgery, corneal transplantation, Vitro-retinal surgery, strabismus surgery etc. and last but not the least, the laser eye surgery that is only done in TIO in the Whole country. TIO tops the list with maximum services provided to the patient within as well as the patient visiting from neighboring countries. Dr. Sanduk Ruit is one of the popular figure of TIO. TIO regularly organizes National and International Outreach Microsurgical Eye Clinic(OMEC).
Here are the honorable mentions Janaki eye hospital, Fateh Bal Eye hospital Nepalgunj, Gaur eye hospital, Kedia Eye Hospital etc. The Prevalence of Blindness has decreased from 0.84% to 0.35% says dohs annual report.