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Unhygienic Contact lens wearers going blind due to amoebic infection.

Researchers at University College London found a type of corneal infection increasing in contact lens wearers. Acanthamoeba keratitis is found to be tripled in People of U.K since 2011 says a recent study. A study led by consultant Ophthalmologists Dr. John Dart from Moorfields eye hospital says there are 2 cases of such type of keratitis being […]


Nepal: self-reliant in ophthalmic human resources

Sanjay Kumar Singh Programme Director: Eastern Regional Eye Care Programme, Biratnagar Nepal.Sudhir Thakur Programme Coordinator: Eastern Regional Eye Care Programme, Biratnagar, Nepal.Afaque Anwar: Health Educator: Biratnagar Eye Hospital, Biratnagar, Nepal. In the early 1980s, Nepal barely had any eye care professionals – neither ophthalmologists nor ophthalmic assistants. In three decades this was addressed systematically and […]


Cycloplegic and Mydriatic drugs

Cycloplegic and Mydriatic drugs: Muscles within the eye control the size of the pupil and the diameter of the ciliary ring. Drugs that cause an increase in the diameter of the pupil or dilatation are called as Mydriatics. Drugs that cause both pupillary dilatations, as well as cycloplegia (ciliary muscle paralysis), are called as Cycloplegics. […]

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Elimination of preventable blindness: can success in Nepal be replicated in Africa?

Neda Nikpoor,1,2 Eric D Hansen,2,3 Matthew S Oliva,2,4 Geoffrey Tabin,1,2 Sanduk Ruit2,5 1Byers Eye Institute, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA, USA; 2Himalayan Cataract Project, Waterbury, VT, USA; 3Moran Eye Center, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, USA; 4Casey Eye Institute, Oregon Health and Science University, Portland, OR, USA; 5Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology, Kathmandu, Nepal Abstract: There are an estimated 36 million people […]

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Boost: Better Operative Outcomes Software Tool

A new Android application has been launched in world ophthalmology congress in Barcelona, Spain. The congress held on 16-19 June 2018 has introduced the app for Monitoring and improving the surgical outcomes in Ophthalmologist Surgeons. The mobile app is simple, free, and easy to use. The name of the application is BOOST(Better Operative Outcomes Software Tool). […]


Blinding ptergium: Pterygium that leads to blindness.

Pterygium Pterygium is a growth of wing-shaped mass on the mucous membrane, conjunctiva of the eye. The mass grows from nasal side of the eye and overlaps the cornea. A pterygium usually doesn’t cause problems or require treatment, but it can be removed if it interferes with your vision. What causes it? The cause of pterygium […]


How to protect eye sight in children?

How to protect eyesight in children? What is the most important part of our body? There is no exact answer to that. All organs have their own importance. The eye is also an important part of our body. let’s talk about how to keep our eyes healthy. Only when the eyes are clean and beautiful, […]