Nepalese Association of Optometrist (NAO)

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Nepalese Association of Optometrist

Nepalese Association of Optometrist (NAO) was Established in 2004 AD, The Nepalese Association of Optometrists (NAO) is a not for profit NGO (Non-Governmental organization) formed by the optometrist of Nepal.


Legal Registration of NAO

Nepalese Association of Optometrist is registered as NGO on District Administration Office.

Optometrist of Nepal

Executive Body of NAO

As based on “The constitution of Nepalese Association of Optometrists (NAO)“, The central executive committee which comprises a total of nine officials and members listed below were formed. 

The AGM elected new executive committee as follows for 2022-24
President: Niraj Dev Joshi
Vice President: Raju Kaiti
Secretary: Dipak Kumar Sah
Joint Secretary: Dr Mukesh Kumar Jha
Treasurer: Junu Shrestha
  • Suraj Chhetry
  • Binesh Gautam
  • Krishna Dhankhoti
  • Niranjan Sharan
  • Jay Sundar Sunrait
  • Stuti Acharya
  • Pushpa Khadka
  • Monika Mandal

Central executive body of Nepalese Association of Optometrist: 

The central executive committee comprises a total of nine officials and members.
a. President 1
b. Immediate past president 1
c. Vice-President 1
d. Secretary 1
e. Treasurer 1
f. Joint Secretary 1
g. Members 8

Membership of NAO:

As based on the Constitution of NAO 2003 here are the details for being a member of Nepalese Association of Optometrist. 

a. Full members

Nepalese citizens who have completed 10+2 (Science) or I Sc and achieved at least the academic qualification of bachelor‟s degree in optometry from Tribhuvan University (TU) or any institution/ university recognized by TU can obtain full membership of this association as per its constitution. However, the central executive body has the sovereign authority to provide full membership to a candidate.

b. Honorary members

International organizations/ institutions or individuals working in the eye health sector can obtain honorary membership. Regarding this, the executive committee‟s decision shall be the last decision.

Membership of the association shall be granted by the central executive body.

The membership fee of NAO

a. An entry fee of NRs 1000 and an annual fee of NRs 500 is payable to obtain full membership.

b. Renewal of membership shall be done annually by July 15 upon clearance of dues.
c. An entrance fee for lifelong membership shall be NRs 10000.

d. Honorary membership shall be granted upon a one-time fee of 100 US dollars.

Last Updated: 29 March 2022


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