Renu Fresh Contact Lens Solution Price in Nepal | Bausch + Lomb

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renu fresh Contact Lens Solution product of Baush + Lomb is available in Nepal at 120 ml and 355 ml bottle. This is one of the popular soft contact lens solution in the market. renu fresh Multi-Purpose Solutions (MPS)  top features and benefits are  Fresh lens comfort all day long, Effectively removing protein from contact lenses and Outstanding disinfection. These MPS contains Hydranate, which is a special ingredient for removing protein deposits from the lens. You can use this solution to clean, rinse, disinfect, remove protein and store your lenses.


As per the official Bausch and Lomb retail price for Nepal is

Renu 355 ML solution: Rs 990/- 

Renu Fresh 120ml Bausch + Lomb Multi-Purpose Solution Rs 495/-

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