Blue Ray Cut Lens in Nepal, What is Blue Ray Cut Lens, and its features

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Blue Ray cut lens benifits


Blue Cut lens was designed to protect against the negative effects of the “blue light”. The harmful blue light emitted from the computer and mobile screens.
All digital devices which we used such as laptops, smartphones, tablets etc emit blue lights. Prolonged exposure of human eyes to blue light is increasingly believed to be causing retinal damage such as macular degeneration.
Blue Cut Lenses have a special coating which reflects blue light and prevents it from passing through. Notice the blue tint on the lenses? That’s the blue light being reflected.

Blue cut lens consist of the following features:

with and without blue  ray cut filter

Effect of Blue Light:

Prolongs exposure to blue light leads to
  • Macular degeneration
  • A headache
  • Eyestrain
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Dry Eye

The blue cut lens is specially designed to

  • Filter harmful blue light
  • Improve contrast and reduce glare
  • Improve Visual acuity and night vision
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2. Goggles4u

Blue Ray Cut Lens in Nepal and its Price:

There are various blue-ray cut lenses brands are available in the Nepalese market, some are regular brands and some were premium brands having customized multicoated options. The basic price of blue-ray cut lenses starts from Rs 800 and above for regular brands which are mostly manufactured in China, and some premium brands like Essilor, Hoya, Zeiss, Yash lenses the price is higher compared to regular lenses, usually these premium lenses have an anti-reflection coating, UV protection coating, Scratch resistance coating with blue light filter options.


Benefits of Blue Light Blocking Glasses

  1. Blue light blocking eyeglasses promote healthy moods, prevent macular degeneration, and cognitive disorders
  2. These lenses are scratch-resistant, designed to be impact resistant, long-lasting, and durable.
  3. It allows everyone to look and feel good in fashionable eyeglasses.
  4. Promotes Healthy Night’s Sleep
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