Daily Disposable Contact Lenses : Advantage and Disadvantage

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Benefits of Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Even though daily disposable contact lenses generally will cost you more than if you were to just wear bi-weekly or monthly contact lenses, but there are many benefits of wearing daily disposable contact lenses let’s take a look at some.


The biggest reason for using daily disposable contact lenses is the convenience. You never have to worry about running out of solution or having a case to put your contact lenses in. You just use them and throw them away the same day.


Daily contact lenses generally feel much more comfortable in your eyes than bi-weekly or monthly contact lenses. The reason for this is the lenses aren’t really designed to have to last two weeks or a month, so the lenses are generally thinner. Thinner lenses mean you are less likely to feel the contacts in your eyes.

No Storing Contacts

The wonderful thing about using daily disposable contact lenses is the fact that you never have to worry about having a case to store your contact lenses in at the end of the night.
Less Chance of Solution-Related Problem – Since you are not using solution, for the most part, there is a lesser chance of having a solution related problems such as an allergic reaction to the solution, or incompatibility with the lenses that you are wearing.

Great for Younger Contact Lens Wearers 

Parents that have teenagers using contact lenses could benefit from using daily disposable contact lenses. Teenagers have a higher chance of mishandling their contact lenses during the cleaning and storage process, which could lead to an unwanted eye infection. Having them use daily disposable contact lenses would reduce the chance of them getting an eye infection.

Fresh Lens Every Day 

Anyone who currently wears contact lenses understands how great it feels when you put a brand new contact lens into your eyes. If you are using daily disposable contacts, you get a fresh new contact lens every single day.

Less Chance of Eye Infection 

Having new contact lenses every single day drastically reduces the chances that you would get an eye infection from improper care or handling of your contact lenses. You still should be handling your contact lenses properly and making sure you wash your hands before you handle your contact lenses.

Healthier for Your Eyes 

The more often your contact lenses get changed out the better it is for your eyes. Your tears naturally have protein, calcium, and lipids which could build up on bi-weekly and monthly contact lenses which could lead to an eye infection.


Disadvantages of Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

The main disadvantage of disposable contact lenses is the cost, generally speaking, daily contact lenses are usually about double the cost of bi-weekly or monthly contact lenses.

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