ForOptom 2019 Symposium on Contact Lens and Vision Therapy

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Lubhu Eye Care is organizing ForOptom 2019, a one-day symposium in Contact Lens and Vision Therapy on 25th of May 2019 to be held at DECC Pvt. Ltd, Tripureshwor, Kathmandu.

With the increasing number of Optometrists in the country, this event will be a platform for refreshing and updating one’s knowledge of Vision Therapy and Contact Lens.

ForOptom 2019 is a small step forward towards making a big change in current Optometry practise in Nepal. This Symposium will help Optometrist all over Nepal to upgrade their skills and knowledge on Contact Lens & Vision Therapy so that they can start providing specialty services in the field of Optometry.

This symposium is targeted to all of the Optometrist in Nepal who wish to upgrade their clinical skills and start their practice beyond Refraction and basic clinical eye examination.

The symposium will be conducted at DECC hall at United World Trade Center, Tripureshwor, Kathmandu. Two of the major prominent speakers who are expert in their related field will also be present for the symposium. Dr Aditya Goyal and Optom. YeshwantSaoji, are both an experienced practitioner in their related field of Behavioral Optometry & Contact Lens respectively. The symposium will consist of lectures on various topics related to Contact Lens & Vision Therapy which will later end with a workshop.

About Foroptom:

ForOptom was founded in May 2019 by three Young Optometrists with the aim of upgrading Optometry Skills and  Practice among all the practising Optometrists.

The idea of ForOptom came into existence as the current trend in Optometry practice in the country has mostly been limited to refraction. Although being a vast field and many specializations we must admit that we are lagging behind many of these specialized Optometry practices. Vision Therapy, Contact lenses, Ocular prosthesis and low vision are one of the major importance and emerging fields in Optometry.

With an increasing number of Optometrist, these fields are also gaining much interest these days but due to lack of adequate knowledge and awareness, many professionals are hesitant to practice these specializations.

At this growing age of Optometry as a profession, ForOptom will not only help to boost the confidence and impart the knowledge in the professionals about Optometry Specialty Services but also serve as a common platform for many eye care professionals to unite, connect and discuss the current trend and practice in today’s eye health.

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