REfractive Error Among CHildren (REACH) program launched in Nepal

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There will be a process of testing and examining the eyes of about 5 lakh children of Sunsari and Jhapa districts.

Deputy Prime-Minister and Health Minister Hon. Upendra Yadav inaugurated a program related to the vision of childhood on Tuesday, saying that it would play a positive role in the health of the child.
The ‘Refractive Error Among Children (REACH)  Program has started in collaboration with Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh (NNJS) and Orbis International.

The executive director of NNJS Mr. Shailesh Kumar Mishra said that the eyes of the school going children will be examined, in the next three years, the schools in Jhapa district through Mechi Eye Hospital and Sunsari district through Biratnagar Eye Hospital

Nepal REACH Project Launch

He said that the program will not only distribute spectacles for the needful but also special treatment will be provided at the hospital too.

Speaking about the child’s view of serious illness, their eye health will have significant improvement, Prof. Dr. Tirtha Prasad Mishra, president of NNJS, added that this program will be implemented in all the districts after successful completion of the program in two districts.

In the country, more than 90% of health services are being provided through NNJS affiliated hospitals and eye care centres.

Photo: NNJS
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