Tilganga Eye Centre to launch chemotherapy for Eye Cancer Patient

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Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology is to start’ chemotherapy’ service for patients of eye cancer in the near future.

The eye facility decided to launch the service soon, bearing in mind inconveniences facing patients for lack of chemotherapy here. According to Centre’s cancer department chief Dr Purnima Rajkarnikar Sthapit, patients referred to outside for chemotherapy found not coming back for further treatment and follow-up and some of them were found discontinuing treatment in the mid. She added that preparations were on with the objective of launching the service after a month.

Nepal Eye Program Building

The Centre is in the process of training its human resources to deal with the service. Similarly, the construction of physical structures required for operating the service has neared the final phase. Likewise, it is working on the issues of implementing the government decision of bearing the cost of up to Rs 100 thousand in the treatment of a cancer patient.

The facility is receiving advanced equipment to be used in the treatment of eye cancer including chemotherapy which according to Dr. Sthapit are not available in other facilities in the country. A foundation based in Germany is donating such pieces of equipment to it.
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