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Dristhi Eye Care System extended its service in Tokha, Kathmandu.

Inauguration of Tokha Eye Care Centre(Dristhi Eye Care System) Dristi Eye Care System has extended its new branch; Dristi Eye Care Centre in tokha, with the partnership of Tokha Municipality.This is the 8th branch of Dristi Eye Care System in Nepal  opened dated 30th, October i.e today, followed by Birtamod(Jhapa), Parsa(Birgunj), Jamal(Kathmandu), Chabahil(Kathmandu), Kalanki (Kathmandu) […]


National Oculoplasty Conference Nepal(2017)

3rd National Oculoplasty Conference Nepal(2017) As more people are showing interest in enhancing their beauty through various kinds of surgeries, oculoplastics is gaining popularity in Nepal of late.Oculoplastic surgery deals with Eye socket, Eyelids, Tear ducts, and the face. It also deals with the Reconstruction of the eye and associated structures.Oculoplastic surgery started in Nepal […]


Cataract Surgery Protocol

Blindness  has  profound  human  and  economic  consequences  in  all  societies  due  to  loss  of independence, self esteem and economic productivity among those affected and their families. There are  also  additional  costs  involved  in  providing  special  needs  education  for  children  and rehabilitation  services  for  those  with  irreversible  loss  of  vision.  Globally  blindness  affects approximately 45 million […]

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5 Useful android apps for Ophthalmologist, Optometrist and Ophthalmic Assistants

Nowadays everyone has a smartphone. You can leverage all that computing power in your palm with a few powerful apps! Here are a few 5 top android apps for eye health professionals to make your life a little easier.  Click on the heading to download these apps.  1. Eye Handbook The Eye Handbook is a smartphone […]

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How to prepare fortified eye drops

To prescribe Fortified eye drops means to increase the effectiveness of eye drops by additional ingredients. Fortified ophthalmic solutions are commonly used in severe keratitis for better corneal penetrations. Commonly used fortified eye preparation and their preparation instruction are as follows: Fortified Gentamicin (14mg/ml)                      To […]

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Glaucomatous Optic Disc

Roles of Glaucomatous Optic Disc Diagnosis Primary open angle glaucoma is a common eye disease characterized by loss of the axons of the retinal ganglion cells leading to progressive loss of vision. The site of damage to the axons is at the level of the lamina cribrosa in the optic nerve head. The mechanism of […]