National Oculoplasty Conference Nepal (2017)

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Oculoplasty surgeron of Nepal during their conference on National Oculoplasty Conference
3rd National Oculoplasty Conference Nepal(2017)

As more people are showing interest in enhancing their beauty through various kinds of surgeries, oculoplastics is gaining popularity in Nepal of late. Oculoplastic surgery deals with Eye socket, Eyelids, Tear ducts, and the face. It also deals with the Reconstruction of the eye and associated structures. Oculoplastic surgery started in Nepal in the year 2004. And, since then the number of people opting this surgery to enhance the beauty of their eyes is increasing every year, according to oculoplastic surgeons. This year alone, as many as 300 people have undergone this surgery.

Double eyelid operation to widen the eyelid of the narrower eyes and botox injection, to get rid of the wrinkles around eyes are the most popular cosmetic surgeries in Nepal. Other cosmetic surgeries are related with the shrunken eyeball, lid retraction of the droopy eyelid and tear canals.

Eye cosmetic surgery in Nepal is comparatively cheaper than in western countries. Oculoplastic specialist Dr Ben Limbu said, “Cosmetic eye surgeries are 100 times cheaper in Nepal than that of European or American countries and we provide world-class treatment.”Doctors have also said that most of the people who come to them for cosmetic eye surgeries are the Nepalese residing in foreign countries.

Dr Rohit Sainju, deputy director of Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology and President of Nepali Society for Oculoplastic Surgeons said, “Although we are well capable of handling all sorts of complicated oculoplastic surgeries, we still lack specialists and that has limited us to perform such surgeries only in case of eye-related problems rather than enhancing the beauty of eyes.”

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