5,657 still have cataract in Dang District.

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Rapti Eye Hospital, Tulsipur– Dang– Nepal
There are still blindness problems in five thousand six hundred fifty-seven (5,657) people in the Dang district of the western part of Nepal.

According to the recent visual impairment and low vision survey done by Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh, Rapti Eye Hospital, the statistics showed that there are still 5,657 people who are living with cataract in the Dang district, Nepal. Those who can be cured after treatment and those who have Low Vision are planned to be helped by Rapti eye hospital with the coordination with local bodies of Dang district.

Shamsher Thapa, senior administrative officer of Rapti Eye Hospital, said: To help in the successful implementation of government’s health policy and programs — to reduce the burden of low vision by the year 2020 —using the treatment methods, Rapti eye hospital will provide free surgery of cataract and free refraction(Glass check-up) for those with refractive errors.

It has been said that the project has been brought in the sub-municipalities, municipalities, and villages in the district with the objectives to eliminate cataract from the district

Krishna Kumar Giri, Chairman of Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh, who is coordinating with Tulsipur, Ghorahi sub-municipality, Lamahi Municipality and seven different village rural municipality.

This treatment service is started having coordination between two bodies, with the 60% involvement of local bodies and 40% from the hospital.

Note: The news is based on information provided by Rapti eye hospital to Ratopati.
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