Eye Care Everywhere (World Sight Day 2018)

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World Sight Day is considered to be the Greatest Event in the Eye Calendar of the whole year. World Sight Day knocks the doors of the Consciousness of the Eye Care Professionals around the Globe and helps them remember the needs for this big fight against the Causes of Blindness. The target is set to those who seldom get their Eyes checked being having systemic diseases like Hypertension and Diabetes. World Sight Day puts light on to the dogmatic contemporary superstitious believes of People with the awareness that it does with the aim to the eradication of such practices in the Future. 

International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness(IAPB), this year, has asked us to draw attention towards the avoidable cause of Blindness around the world. How can you individually help in the blindness cure mission? You can go for an Eye check-up, Take your Family, Young ones and Elderly ones, and Diabetic.

Lets find solutions to ensure that everyone, everywhere has access to Sight. World Sight Day will be celebrated on 11th October 2018.

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