Eye Health Tourism in Nepal : He flew to Nepal to have eye surgery.

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eye tourism in Nepal

73 years of Cardiac surgeon named Mons lie of Oslo University Hospital flew to Nepal to have his cataracts removed. He received cataract surgery in Geta Eye Hospital, Kailali District of western Nepal. Dr. Suresh Raj. Pant performed cataract surgery of Mr. Lie, told Prof. Dr. Tirtha Misra. Chairman of Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh, Dr. Misra is very proud of this news that he told to Annapurna post.

Similarly, India’s Magistrate of a place called Lakhimpur had to bring his old man to Nepal for eye surgery. After his father was stubborn for eye surgery and told his son that if he has to do eye surgery, he will have it done only in Nepal or else he would stay blind. Magistrate Brought his father to Nepal and had his cataract surgery done and he was satisfied with the service.

Nepal has become a trustworthy and inexpensive option for eye care facility to people of different countries. Whether it is cataract or Trachoma, Nepal provides the best services to the patient from all over the world. CEO of Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh, Sailesh Mishra Told to Annapurna post that among 30,000 patients who received trachoma surgery last year, 20,000 thousand were Indian Citizens.
World Health Organization has recently validated Nepal as a Trachoma Eliminated Country. Other south asian countries still have high prevalence of  Trachoma, but in Nepal, it is No longer a Public Health problem. Nepal has been presented a certificate of validation by WHO.

Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh has 18 eye hospitals while 84 eye care centres all over the nation. Cataract surgery is comparably a lot cheaper in Nepal than in India. Cost of Cataract surgery would cost ranging from between 1200Rs to 4000Rs in different eye hospitals of Nepal while for the same surgery, it would cost 8000 Indian Currency. That might be the reason why Indians choose Nepal over India for cost-effective surgery.

Previously, Family of Low economic Groups used to visit Nepal for cost-effective Treatment but in the recent times, people of middle and high economic groups are also visiting Nepal to receive excellent treatment and surgery says, “Dr. Minu Chaudhary of B.P Koirala eye institute”. People have started bringing their children from India for a checkup. 

In the year 2014, Hospitals running under Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh had 44% of patient who was from India. Eye Hospital of terai from Biratnagar, Lahan, Gaur, Bharatpur, Parasi, Bhairahawa, Bahadurgunj, Banke, Geta had more than 5 lakhs patient from foreign nations. Biratnagar eye hospital is on the top for providing services and surgery to foreign patients while Sagarmatha Eye Hospital of Lahan is on the second place.

Note: Reference was taken from the article originally posted in Annapurna Post.

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