Frequently asked questions by patients to an Eye Doctors

SEED Contact Lens
For how long do I need to use my glasses?

Small power on the lenses of the spectacle is not a thing to worry about. It may subside likely but uncertain. For thicker lenses, you probably need to wear glasses for a lifetime. Glasses make you see better, they don’t cure your refractive errors.

Can we correct our eyes without glasses?

We cannot correct until and unless, surgery to correct the refractive error (Refractive Surgery) is done. But contact lens could be the best option for thick glasses.

Will the power of the lenses continue to increase for the lifetime, if we start wearing glasses?

It is not a true statement. Glasses don’t increase the power of the lenses of your spectacle. The power will only increase if the internal structure of your eyeball keeps changing for
which you need to change glasses on a regular basis.

Will eating green vegetables and yellow fruits make me see more or does it correct my refractive error?

Green vegetables and yellow fruits do play a big role in supplying your body with vitamin Supplements. Vitamins and D.H.A help in tear production, night vision, growth development, and prevention from xerophthalmia (Vit A Deficiency), stop disease progression but the refractive error is impossible to be corrected with the vitamin.

What are the possible effects of visual electronic devices on our eyes?

Prolonged usage of Electronic devices like laptop, Mobile(cell phone), television etc. are the reasons for dry eye in humans. Some research has shown, the excessive near work on these electronic devices may lead to an increase in the power of lenses of your spectacles.

I sit on a computer for a whole day, what should I do to protect my eyes?

All you need is to lower your computer brightness. The blue light can damage your eyes. Apart from that, Use anti-reflective coating glasses that cuts harmful lights coming from your computer to your eyes. Follow 20-20-20 rules, it means at every 20 minutes interval, take rest for 20 seconds and look at a distance of 20 metres (Not to be precise). That shall reduce the stress on your eye muscles. For dry eye state of eyes, use artificial teardrops on a regular basis. people sitting on a computer forget to blink which is also known as “Computer Vision Syndrome”.

Should I allow my child to play with a Mobile phone or laptop or other gaming consoles?

Sure, You can. Like every other thing, there is a limitation on the use of things. Too much of something is bad. Lights do inhibit visual growth in children. some gadgets cause speech delays and learning problems in children.

What should we eat to keep our eyes healthy?

Our body, our eyes too need the wholesome amount of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins like vitamin A and E, lycopene, Fat etc. For these, foods like Rice, beans, green leafy vegetables like Spinach and Kale, carrots, Pumpkin, Mango, Tomato, Apples etc.

Which is best to use, Contact lens or Glasses?

It depends on the needs of the patients. Some prefer contacts over glasses and vice versa. But contact lens does need extra caring and attention. You cannot sleep wearing contact lenses. Some extended wear has been Approved by the FDA (Food and drug administration, United States), it doesn’t mean all lenses are extended wears.

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