How to make an eye pad and eye shields?

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How to make an eye pad and eye shields?

Eye patching pad is used for comfort, and an eye shield is used for protecting the eyeball.

Eye Pad:

Reasons for applying an eye pad are to ‘rest’ the eyes, to aid healing non-penetrating trauma such as corneal abrasion and to protect the eye after ocular surgeries and procedures requiring corneal anaesthesia.

Things to Keep in Mind before padding:
It is important to remind the patient not to open the affected eye under the pad. If the eyelids do not close naturally over the cornea it will be necessary, before padding, to tape the eyelids closed.

Making an eye pad and eye shield

Required materials
  • cotton wool
  • two gauze pieces
  • scissor
  • adhesive tape
  • thin cardboard or old X-ray film
  • circular object – about 8 centimetres in diameter
  • pencil

How to make an eye pad

  • Place cotton wool between the two pieces of gauze.
  • Cut into an oval shape approximately 5 centimetres wide and 6 centimetres long 
how to make an eye pad

How to make an eye shield?

  • Draw a circle on the cardboard or film and cut around it.
  • Make a single cut into the centre (just half the diameter).
  • Turn into a cone and secure the shape with adhesive tape.
How to make an eye shield?
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