How you see when you have Refractive Error in your eyes

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Philip’s paintings on Canvas and Linen shows the reality of how people with Myopia and Hypermetropia see. It’s a feeling that those people with refractive errors can relate. But these are not real pictures but paintings made by Philip Barlow. It is a beautiful representation of the feeling of people who see without glasses.

He currently lives and paints in Riebeek Kasteel, near Cape Town. He is married and has two children and two dogs.

Vision seen by people with refraction error

Myopia distance Vision

Beech seen by myopic patient is blurry

Family oil painting of refracitve error

paintings of phips barlow

Keratoconus vision

blurred vision demonstaton

This is how people with refractive error have vision

Cataract blurred vision

Myopia and night light

Myopia and light

Driving with myopia
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