Is your child hooked to mobile? High time to wean off the child from this bad habit


Do you think children’s using mobile (smart) phone is the trend of time and you are allowing your children hooked to smart phone?
If yes, be aware as overuse of mobile phones by children may cause various health complications, besides the obvious eye problems.
According to Basant Poudel, ophthalmologist at BP Koirala Lions Centre for Ophthalmic Studies, the recent findings of Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital show that excessive exposure to smart phones is one of the causes of increasing eye problem among children. “It may cause dryness, itching and other sorts of allergic problems on eyes.”
“Reading books and electronic texts from too close a distance, in dim light or wide light is also harmful for eyes. Children should be discouraged not to spend more time with such gadgets and be given proper guidance,” he asserted.
Meanwhile, around 400 patients (200 new and 200 follow-up) visit the centre daily seeking services.
Most of them have been suffering from cataract while the centre frequently deals with cases of retinal tear and detachment that can cause permanent vision loss if not treated on time.
Diabetes and high blood pressure are other common causes of eye problems, said Poudel.
He further urged everyone to compulsorily visit eye center in every six months to know the condition of eyes. Likewise, uptake of proper balanced diet and green vegetables would help keep eyes healthy.
It has been learnt that people over 45 years of age have more risk to having cataract than other people while chance of retinal tear and detachment is high in accident cases and physical injuries-causing incidents.
One Suresh Ghimire from Ramechhap ,said, “Eyesight keeps a great value in life and he regularly visits the eye center for checkup.”
The doctors have urged to remain extra careful in summer as chances of eye allergy and infection is relatively high in this season.

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