Myths and Facts about Contact Lenses

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If your optometrist prescribed you glasses, but you agree to wear them only at home, there is a good alternative. Many people choose in favor of contact lenses because of aesthetics. For some, it’s a necessity dictated by their job. At the same time, there are some people who use contact lenses to change their eye color and look a bit different. No doubt, they are more convenient than glasses, but there are many misconceptions about the usage of contact lenses. All those myths prevent many people with eye conditions from trying to wear lenses and see the world clearly. If you want to know what is true and what is false about contact lenses, guys behind can help you.

Myth #1. Contact lenses are uncomfortable.

It has been many years since the first lenses were invented. The materials and technology used for their production have changed dramatically. Modern contact lenses are very soft, thin and flexible; they ensure hydration and sit comfortably on the eyes.

Myth #2. I am afraid of putting something in my eyes.

It’s an absolutely natural reaction of those who have never tried contact lenses. There is even a special term – eye poking phobia. Something unknown is always scary until you try it for the first time. A doctor will show you how to put in and off contacts and you’ll see that is as easy as putting on your shoes. Millions of people use them on a daily basis, so you can do it too.

Myth #3. Contact lenses can cause infection and inflammation.

Contacts don’t cause infections. Some infection can be caused by pathogenic microbes brought from the dirty fingers. Only poor hygiene and the inappropriate usage of contact lenses can lead to certain problems. If all rules are observed, contacts will do you no harm. They require regular disinfection in a special solution. The more often you change lenses, the better it is for your eye health. Changing your “another pair of eyes” in time is crucial. Today, the safest type of lenses is one-day contact lenses. You put them in your eyes in the morning and remove and throw away in the evening. It means they don’t require special care and you don’t have to buy containers and solutions for them.

Myth #4. Those who wear makeup can’t wear contacts.

It’s one of the most popular myths about contacts. You can wear makeup, but you should know the algorithm. In the morning you wash your face, then put in contact lenses, and then do a makeup. In the evening, you first take off your lenses, and then remove your makeup.

Myth #5. Contact lenses can fall out of your eyes.

The anatomy of human eye doesn’t let contact lenses fall out. It’s almost impossible if the lenses are chosen properly. You can do any sports and be involved in different activities without worrying about your lenses. Properly picked contacts firmly stick to the eye surface. Only an extreme activity or intensive rubbing can cause them to fall out. In normal conditions, they are totally reliable.

Myth #6. Contact lenses are less effective than glasses.

Just the contrary. Since a contact lens sits right on the eye surface, it provides maximum clear vision in comparison with glasses, which are 1-2 cm away from the eyes. Also, you can see clearly at any angle having contact lenses on (unlike glasses that provide bad peripheral vision).

Myth #7. Contact lenses can move behind the eyeball.

Nonsense. It’s just a popular fear of first-timers. Physically, it can’t move behind the eye-socket. Lenses are placed on the front part of the eye and, in case of displacement, they can only move under the eyelids. There is a natural barrier that doesn’t let the lenses move any further.
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