Two Optometrist became certified Optical Dispenser Skill test assessors

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The Skill Test Assessor Training for the fiscal year 2073/074 was held from 2074-07-13 to 2074-07-15 at Hotel Airport, Kathmandu, Nepal. The three days’ training was organized by National Skill Testing Board (NSTB) and Nepal Vocational Qualification System (NVQS) Project. There were 21 total participants from various technical fields. 

Optical dispenser skill test, in particular, included two optometrists as trainee viz. Mr Asik Pradhan, consultant Optometrist from Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology (TIO), Kathmandu and Mr Birendra Mahat, an optometrist from Grande International Hospital (GIH), Kathmandu are now the certified assessors for the skill test. The session had hands-on-training too. The NSTB currently has about 6,000 assessors in Nepal.

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A brief about NSTB:

Skill testing activity was initiated in Nepal in 1983 through an autonomous body called Skill Testing Authority (STA), which introduced a system of occupational classification, development of skill standards, skill testing and certification based upon the guidelines of Asia Pacific Skill Development Project/ International Labor Organization (APSDEP/ILO). After the CTEVT was constituted in 1989, the STA was placed under the umbrella of CTEVT as National Skill Testing Board (NSTB). Since then the Board has been functioning as the secretariat of National Skill Testing Board (NSTB), which has been attached to the council. Till date, NSTB has developed National Occupational Skill Standards/Profiles in 237 different occupations, 108000 craftspersons are skill tested and 72730 are certified.
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Some photos of Training Session: 

Meeting of Skill test assessors

Assessors of Optical Dispenser training program of Nepal

optometrist Asik Pradhan is in optical dispenser accessor

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