Optical Dispenser Training in Nepal

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Optical Dispenser Training

As per the need of 21st-century people, the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) has developed a special curriculum for short-term course related to optical dispensing as vocational training. In the context of Nepal optical dispensing is not taken as a serious matter it was just like an optical shopkeeper, but due to the advancement of technology now in Nepal CTEVT has developed the curriculum to prepare qualified and skilful optical dispenser.

Introduction to “Junior Optical Dispenser Course”

This short-term training course aim is to prepare the human resource for spectacles fitting, Eye ware maintenance, and to make able to establish and operate the optical shop. This course has assumed that after completing this course trainee can able to get a job or start their own business.


Aim of Optical Dispensing Course

This course aim is to prepare human resource having knowledge and skills related to optical dispensing, who may get easily employment.



The objectives of the Junior Optical Dispenser course is as follows.

  • After completion of this course, the trainee will be able to
  • Prepare spectacles as per prescription, maintenance of spectacle frame and its accessories and Manage optical shop.


Duration of Training

This course duration is 3 month (390 hours).


Eligible Criteria

  • SLC/SEE passed
  • 18 years or Above
  • Has to pass the entrance examination

Teaching Language: Nepali



After successful completion of this course, the training institute will award the trainee with a “Junior Optical Dispenser” certificate.


Trainer’s Qualification:

To become an eligible trainer for this course as per the curriculum, minimum education should be optometrist/Diploma in Ophthalmic Science level having 3 years of working experience in a related field.


Curriculum Structure

The curriculum of this program includes 5 modules

  1. Introduction
  2. Selection and counselling of frame and Lens
  3. Spectacle fitting and dispensing
  4. Management
  5. Entrepreneurship Development


Job Responsibilities of Optical Dispenser

  • Interpret optical prescriptions prescribed by ophthalmic assistants, orthoptics, optometrists or ophthalmologists;
  • Give advice to patients on lens type, frames, and wearing procedures
  • With further training, fit contact lenses and give advice on their care and use;
  • Take the frame and facial measurements to ensure correct fit and positioning;
  • Repair and maintenance of spectacles frame as required
  • Select, manage and order a range of optical products;
  • Order lenses from prescription houses;
  • Check lenses on delivery to ensure that they meet the required specifications;
  • Arrange and maintain shop displays
  • Communicate and coordinate with sales representatives from vision care product suppliers.


Training Institution having Optical Dispenser Program

  1. Bhaktapur Eye Institute, Thimi, Bhaktapur
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