Padma shri to Nepalese Ophthalmologist

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Dr. Sanduk Ruit receiving padma shri

Padma Shri to Senior Ophthalmologist Dr Sanduk Ruit

On 2nd April 2018 president of India Ram Nath Kovind Presented 4th highest Civilian Award of India to a Nepalese Citizen. The person was non-other than the Senior Ophthalmologists and one of the founders of the Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology, Kathmandu. Dr Ruit has cured blindness across Asia and Africa of 100,000 people restoring their vision. His cost-effective technique developed with the help of Fred hollows used inexpensive lens for Small Incision Cataract Surgery.

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The intraocular lens developed by him is used in over 60 countries. For those who are unable to visit dr Ruit for treatment, Ruit and his team set up mobile free surgical camps in isolated rural areas often using tents, classrooms, and animal stables as an operating room.

Dr Ruit has received many other prestigious awards for his service to humanity and his work in teaching/training surgeons and technical innovations. Honorary officer of the order of Australia, Ramon Magsaysay Award, National Order of Merit of Bhutan and Padma Shri in 2018.

The Indian president also presented the awards to other citizens in recognition of their contribution in various fields of work including the arts, education, industry, literature, science, sports, medicine, social service and public affairs.
The Indian government also presents the awards to foreign nationals who have contributed to India in various ways.

padma shri sanduk ruit
President of India tweeted:#PresidentKovind presents Padma Shri to Dr Sanduk Ruit for Medicine  (Ophthalmology). He is an AIIMS-educated Nepali Ophthalmologist who reduced the cost of cataract eye surgery by 90 per cent. He treats 2,500 patients every week and offers free treatment to those who cannot afford to pay.

Dr Ruit has dedicated his life in service of poor and unable people who cannot afford to see again. Cost reduction to as little as 5$ and services at doorstep has led Nepal and Neighbouring countries cure blindness rapidly.

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