Slit Lamp Breath Shields

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Importance of Slit Lamp Breath Shield

Slit Lamp Breath shield could help prevent the spread of coronavirus and other respiratory illness during eye exams. Ophthalmologist and other eye care practitioners are required to be in close contact with patients during an eye examination procedure and thus they were not able to maintain the distance of 6 feet which is recommended by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
In order to combat this and prevent the transmission of respiratory illnesses including COVID-19, Topcon is now offering all of its slit lamp customers a free breath shield that fits onto their instrument

Slit Lamp Breath Shields in Nepal

Many major eye hospitals and eye centres of Nepal are making breath shields using locally available resources at the earlier time of COVID-19 outbreaks.  Now readymade acrylic material made slit lamp breath shields are also available in the Nepalese market. Here are some photos of breath shields applied on various companies slit lamps.
It helps to minimize the transmission of respiratory illnesses including COVID-19


Topcon slit lamp Breath shield
inami slit lamp breath shield
Topcon Slit Lamp
Full-Size Slit Lamp Breath Shield on Topcon Slit Lamp of Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology

Haag-Streit Javal Keratometer Breath Shield


Slit lamp breath shield for inami slit lamp
Haag-Streit Javal Keratometer Breath Shield


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