Vision Screening March Month 2020

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Vision Screening March Month 2020 by Nepal government

To create awareness about the Vision Screening in general public and to estimate the proportion of vision morbidity in Nepal, Nepalese Association of Optometrist (NAO) is going to organize a Vision Screening Campaign as ”Vision Screening March Month 2020”. NAO has taken lead in for eye care service to the needy affected during Earthquake 2015. It has always advocated in the favor of government-owned eye care policy and service in Nepal.


Health minister of Nepal sign the vision screening month ceremony

Vision Screening March Month 2020

General Objective

  • To Screen Visual Acuity of the child from Age 5 to Adult of all the age group.

Specific Objectives:

  • To screen at least 100,000 people Child from Age 5 to Adult of all the age group
  • To provide awareness about the effect of Vision in quality of life.
  • To provide advice on how the best correction of vision.
  • To use the data on untreated and inadequately treated Ocular morbid patients to motivate governments to improve local screening facilities and policies, and thereby reduce the global burden of ocular disease.

Informational catalog of Vision screening march month

Campaign target of Vision Screening March Month 2020

  •  100,000 Population all over Nepal in all 7 provinces.

Target Population

  • Child from Age 5 to Adult of all the age group.


  • Vision Screening will be one by Snellen Vision Chart. The questionnaire will be asked to collect information from an interview.

Vision screening month celebration at MEchi EYe Hospital


Updates: Due to the COVID 19 cases appears in Nepal, the vision screening march month has been postponed until further notice by Nepalese Association of Optometrist.

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