Zeiss Ophthalmic Lens in Nepal, Where to Buy it

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ZEISS Vision Care

A new experience in vision
As the world’s leading manufacturer of precision optics, Zeiss combine technical expertise and innovative ideas into exceptional visual experiences. Prepare to be astounded by solutions that are much more than lenses!

Zeiss Products

  • Single vision lenses: As unique as your views
  • Digital lenses: Put an end to digital eyestrain.
  • Progressive lenses: Change your perspective
  • Drive Safe Lenses: Reach your destination safely and stress-free.
  • Sunglass lenses: One lens for all outdoor activities.
  • Energize Me Spectacle Lenses: For contact lens wearers
  • Office Lens Portfolio: Better vision for work and leisure
  • ZEISS cleaning solutions for lenses and screens: Gentle and thorough cleaning solutions for a fast-paced lifestyle

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Where can I Buy Zeiss lens in Nepal?

Zeiss lens is available at Major optical shop of Kathmandu, Pokhara and major city of Nepal.
Some of the listed Zeiss outlets are as follows.

  • Bhairav Optical, Butwal
  • Bharosa Optical, Mid Baneswor
  • Birgunj Drishti Eye Hospital
  • Birtamode Eye Hopsital
  • Chabahil Drishti Eye Care Center
  • Drishti Eye Care Center, Kalanki
  • Ekta Opticals, Kathmandu
  • Everest Optical
  • Eye Deal Opticals
  • I Care Optical
  • Jamal Drishti
  • Jawalakhel Optical
  • Kiran Eye Hospital, Birgunj
  • Lens Craft
  • Lumbini Eye Care Center
  • Mechi Drishti Eye Hospital
  • Mechi Eye Hospital
  • Metro Eye Care
  • Metro Opticals
  • Metrocity Opticals
  • Optic Hut
  • Padma Opticals
  • Pathivara Opticals
  • Soniya Optical
  • Sudrishti Optical
  • Sumeru Optical
  • Trinetra Opticals
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Price of Zeiss Eyeglasses Lens in Nepal

The price of Zeiss eyeglasses in Nepal depends upon the products like single vision lenses, Bifocal or progressive lenses, Regular power or Rx power and another factor is a coating which are hard coat, lotutec, duravision silver, duravision platinum or blue protect the lens.

Zeiss Finished SIngle vision Lens price in Nepal starts from NPR 3,100 for Lotutec and 4,390 for Duravision platinum. If you want to upgrade regular lens into high index lenses they also provide high index lenses by adding amount.

Zeiss office lens price start from NPR 3,750 up to 10,800 per pair

Zeiss Drivesafe Lenses price in Nepal starts from 6,500 for single vision power on Duravision up to 16,200 for progressive.

The price will be changed regularly, for recent price details please contact on above mentioned optical shops and clinics.

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