Registration for Foreign Optometry Degree in Nepal (NHPC)

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Nepal Health Professional Council has approved this requirement according to clause of 9 (Kha) of the Nepal Health Professional Council Act 2053. This requirement shall be called  Minimum requirement for the recognition of Bachelor of Optometry 2076 (2019).

Minimum Requirements for Registration of Foreign Optometry Degree in Nepal

As based on Minimum requirement for the recognition of Bachelor of Optometry 2076 (2019)
Registration for Foreign Degree (India, Philippines, Pakistan and Abroad)

  • Must have Bachelor Degree in Optometry.
  • Duration must be at least four years or 240 ECTS equivalent.
  • Should submit a valid supporting document to prove a regular student(College letter of regular student, passport, visa, immigration documents).
  • Must submit permission letter issued by NHPC.
  • Should have equivalence from concern authority of Nepal.
  • Should have passed the entrance of a University of Nepal before enrollment in the foreign university.
  • A valid logbook by an authorized person should be submitted at the time of registration.
After registration in Nepal, Nepal Health Professional Council Optometrist will get a code of ethics, which need to follow on their practices.

License Examination for optometrist in Nepal

Nepal health professional council is the licensing body for an optometrist in Nepal. After completion of Bachelor in Optometry or Doctor of Optometry level course in Nepal or abroad all of the candidates have to give the examination as per curriculum issued by Nepal Health Professional Council.
After passing the exam NHPC will issue permanent License as an Ophthalmology/Optometry First Level  health professional. It will work for 5 years and have to renew it after 5 years. Optometrist have to follow the code of ethics published by NHPC while practicing in Nepal.

Where can you contact for more information 

For Registration of Foreign Optometry Degree in Nepal you have to contact as follows.

For No objection letter related queries and entrance exam related queries you have to contact Medical Education Commission Nepal.

For Equivalence certificate you have to contact Tribhuvan University.  You can also check List of Equivalent Programs/Degrees online on TU Website.

For License exam you have to apply online and submit scanned educational documents and bank voucher to NHPC Website.

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