10 Healthy tips for contact lens wearer

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In the market, we found lots of contact lens solution nowadays. Most of the contact lens solutions work as Multipurpose functions such as disinfection, cleaning, rinsing, lubricating, protein removal and preservation etc.

10 Tips for Healthy contact lens wear


1. Wash your hands before handling the contact lens.


2. Rinse your lens case daily with best quality contact lens solution and leave it to air drying.


3. If you feel unusual discomfort in your eyes, such as redness, watering, difficult to see in the light, vision changes. Remove contact lens and stop using it. Contact your eye care practitioner immediately. 


4. Replace your old lens case with the new one at every 1-3 month or as per your eye care professionals suggestion.


Do and don'ts for contact lens user



5. Do not swim, shower while wearing lenses.
6. Do not wear contact lens beyond the recommended period. 
7. Do not sleep with wearing contact lens.
8. Avoid direct airflow into the eye while wearing lenses.
9. Never use direct tap water as a lens solution. 
10. Do not use cosmetics or hairspray in eyes wearing lenses. 
Always follow the eye care practitioner’s direction for proper using of the contact lens.
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