Health Insurance (Social Health Security Program) in Nepal

Social Health Security Progam, Health Insurance is the Government program based on the comprehensive social contributory scheme with the subsidy to the poor and Universal Health Coverage. Objective: To ensure access to quality health service (equity & equality). To protect from financial hardship and reduce out-of-pocket payments. Risk and Contribution Pooling: From Low Risk to […]


Vacancy Announcement for MDGP, Medical officer and Ultrasonographer

Vacancy Announcement for MDGP, Medical officer and Ultrasonographer: Nepal Leprosy Trust- Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital Services Centre, (LLHSC) is a Christian non-government organization tackling leprosy in support of the government’s leprosy program since 1991 , and many other diseases of poverty. It is located in Mithila Municipality -10, Lalgadh, Dhanusha. Last year it managed 121,000 outpatient […]


Eyes know about heart diseases says Google A.I

An Artificial Intelligence developed by Google and verily can now identify the risks of Cardio Vascular disease just by looking at the retina of a person. A study publised recently in Nature Bio-Medical Engineering Journal showed that Artifical intelligence can predict the  risks of cardio-vasular diseases like heart attack or stroke within 5 years being […]

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Glaucoma story of a patient

A patient of age 48 from Bihar, India visited Lahan Eye Hospital, Siraha District, Nepal in 2010. The patient was diagnosed with Glaucoma. The eye doctors of Lahan Eye Hospital initiated treatment eye drops to the patient named Suman Devi Thakur. Suman was asked to visit for follow up after 3 months. Suman did not […]


Dr. Sanduk Ruit cured Dolma’s Blindness

Dolma Yangjong Lama of a remote rural municipality that takes 7 days walk from headquater of Gorkha District(Nepal), went to kathmandu for the first time. 75 Years old Dolma lives in chumche of tibet and she was brought to kathmandu by her daughter Dolma. After 12 years, Dolma went to see her mother in her village […]


Vacancy announcement in Bharatpur Eye Hospital.

Bharatpur Eye Hospital(BEH) is located in southern District of Southern Nepal, is a Non- Profit Charitable Organization Run by Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh(NNJS), providing high quality comprehensive eye care services at affordable cost to local as well as patients from neighboring districts. In addition to base hospital, BEH  has established several eye care centres in […]


Nepal Eliminates Trachoma.

Trachoma is eliminated from Nepal Trachoma is an eye disease that affects the eye lids of Human beings. Trachoma is caused by a bacteria called “Chlamydia Trachomatis”. The inner parts of the lids becomes rough(Follicles) due to the infection caused by the bacteria. The rough eye lid leads to cicatrization i.e. it causes scarring in […]

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10 Healthy tips for contact lens wearer

In the market, we found lots of contact lens solution nowadays. Most of the contact lens solutions work as Multipurpose functions such as disinfection, cleaning, rinsing, lubricating, protein removal and preservation etc. 10 Tips for Healthy contact lens wear Do’s  1. Wash your hands before handling the contact lens. 2. Rinse your lens case daily […]


Rapti Eye Hospital Organizes Surgical Camps in Remote

Rapti Eye Hospital has organized Surgical Camps Rapti Eye Hospital lies in Western Nepal. It lies in Midwestern Development Region in the beautiful city of Tulsipur, Dang. Rapti eye hospital provides services to the people of Districts like Dang, Salyan, Rukum, Rolpa, Jajarkot, Dolpa and few other neighbouring districts attached to dang. Along with providing […]