Before and After Photo of Limbal Dermoid Excision Surgery

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Limbal Dermoid

Limbal dermoids are choristomas known as congenital benign tumors found in abnormal locations. Despite the benign nature, enlarging limbal dermoids may cause visual abnormalities by cornea infiltration with fat component, visual axis invasion, gradually induced corneal astigmatism, and finally result in anisometropic amblyopia.

Limbal Dermoid surgery in Nepal

This post contains the image of a little girl with limbal dermoid in her left eye. The mass adherent to her left eye’s corneo-conjuntival junction was successfully removed by Dr. Sanjee K. Yadav. Some people may find this image awkward, viewers discretion is advised.

Before and Ater photo of limbal dermoid surgery
Before and after removal of Limbal dermoid

Photo by Manish Karki
Surgeon Dr Sanjeeb K. Yadav

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